Retirement Plan for CTA Employees
Retiree Health Care Trust

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are retirement benefits taxable?
  2. Are the unions involved when changes are made to my health care benefits?
  3. Can a retiree provide something for a surviving spouse after his or her death?
  4. Can deductions be made from a pension?
  5. Can I see an example of a survivorship option calculation?
  6. Can I see an example of the calculation?
  7. Can loans be made from the plan?
  8. Can you provide more specifics about when a participant becomes pension eligible?
  9. Death of the retiree and or surviving spouse what do family members need to do?
  10. Do I have an option regarding participation in the plan?
  11. Do you have to be at least 55 years old with at least 20 years of continuous service in the plan in order to be eligible for health care benefits in retirement?
  12. Freedom of information act retirement plan?
  13. How are pension benefits paid for?
  14. How does a survivorship option work?
  15. How do I apply for retirement benefits?
  16. How do I figure out how much my pension will be?
  17. How do I go about retiring?
  18. How is a disability allowance figured?
  19. How is a vested pension calculated?
  20. How is the pre retirement survivorship option figured?
  21. How much do I receive when I retire?
  22. How was the retiree health care trust created?
  23. How will my pension be reduced if I choose a survivorship option?
  24. Is it true that changes have been made regarding how my benefits are managed?
  25. Is there an age requirement for retirement?
  26. Is there any maximum pension amount?
  27. What benefits does the plan provide?
  28. What happens when an employee leaves the authority before the employee is eligible to retire?
  29. What if an employee becomes disabled?
  30. What if an employee who has not retired dies before retirement?
  31. What is deferred vesting and how does it work?
  32. What is the purpose of the plan?
  33. What kind of health insurance is available to pensioners?
  34. What kinds of survivorship options are there?
  35. What will the premiums be for the new heath care plan for retirees and dependents?
  36. When will my benefits and premiums change?
  37. Who are eligible retirement plan participants?
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