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Updated April 15, 2016

Freedom of Information Act - Retiree Healthcare Trust

Short Summary of Purpose

The primary purpose of the Retiree Health Care Trust to provide health care benefits for CTA retirees, their dependents and survivors.

Location of the Office

The one office of the Retiree Health Care Trust is located at

55 W. Monroe Street,
Suite 1950
Chicago, IL  60603

.  The general number for the office is 312.441.9694.

There are currently thirteen (13) full time staff and the office is, generally, split between the benefits and finance functions as follows:

Benefit Staff


Finance Staff


There are staff members who spend time within each function, resulting in fractional time.  The staff also has the responsibility for administering parts of the Retiree Health Care Trust.

Board of Trustees

There is a seven (7) member Board of Trustees that administers the Trust.  They are listed in the drop-down menu under The Retiree Health Care Plan.

Operating Budget

The Plan has a total operating budget of approximately $11.5 million.  Approximately 80% of that is related to investment fees and related activity.  Detailed information on the annual operating costs of the Plan can be found in the Supplementary Information in our Audited Financial Statements, which are posted on the web site under our Annual Report.

Freedom of Information (FOIA) Officer

John Kallianis acts as the FOIA Officer for the Retiree Health Care Trust.  All requests for public records should be made in writing and should be directed to him via email at foia@ctapension.com or via regular mail at:

55 W. Monroe Street,
Suite 1950
Chicago, IL  60603

. Any fees allowable under Section 6 of FOIA will be charged at the discretion of the Plan.